• Reviewers are in the reviewers forum group
  • Architects are those responsible for the design of snapd.
  • Votes are in favor (+1), against (-1), abstain (+0)
  • Voting period is one week
  • Voting period extension is 3 days


  1. Requester creates a forum post in the store-requests category and makes case for change. To disambiguate snaps, the requester should either give the store URL for the snap or give the name and publisher of the snap. Voting period starts at time of request.
  2. Requester may not vote on his/her own snap.
  3. Reviewers and/or architects vote using the voting procedure (see below). Each vote should include a short rationale for the cast vote.
  4. If after voting period there are not enough votes based on voting procedure, a voting period extension should be requested by a reviewer/architect. The extension starts the day of the request for extension
  5. At the end of the voting period, a reviewer/architects tallies the results from the voting period (and extension), summarizes in the forum post and performs any necessary actions.

Voting procedure

  • The voting procedure is the same for granting and revoking auto-connections, auto-aliases and track requests.
  • If reviewers and up to at most one architect voted: simple majority with at least 2 votes in favor at end of voting period/extension: perform requested action.
  • If two or more votes in favor/against from architects: reviewers votes are not tallied. If have only in favor votes from architects at end of voting period/extension: perform requested action, otherwise architects discuss until no against votes and at least one vote in favor from architects. If clear direction from architects, an architect may request the vote be tallied early.